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I never learned stage management in college because I thought I would be an actor all my life (I still am). As time went on and due to the lack of women roles, I decided I wanted to learn a new skill that would help keep me connected to the theatrical world and surrounded with all of my crazy talented friends (new and old). I enjoyed organizing & creating things, so, I figured being a stage manager might fit the bill. So in 2006, I started that journey with "Shear Madness." I have learned a tremendous amount and met so many wonderful people on this particular path. Very grateful to them for the work, the visions they share, the health insurance and the passion for what we do.

Check out these amazing companies:

16th Street TheaterChicago DramatistsRivendell TheatreTheater WitA Red Orchid Theatre • Greenbrier Valley TheatreFarmers Alley Theatre



I had a wonderful art teacher in high school who taught me the technique of sepia painting. I loved the detail I could get from that. I also admired the works of Norman Rockwell...the universal stories he could capture right in the moment as the situation happened. Did some painting through college and then turned my sights to graphic design. I thought I would combine art & my love for theatre and design theatre posters. I freelanced out of my home for about 10 years working for Dallas Theater Center, touring companies and PR creatives. I don't do it as much now but I still love the visual of design in all mediums.

"Summer Fun"
"Identity Crisis"
"Shear Madness"
Photography: Cozumel
Photography: Cozumel
Photography: Cozumel
Photography: Merri & Johna
Photography: Margaret
Photography: Collins Caviar
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